Monday, December 5, 2011

The Boys Sones Version!

First, pasang lagu The Boys eng version.. then nyanyi lyrics ni:
good luck!

I cant tell you're looking at me, i know what you see
any closer and i'll be dead meat
i don't have to pretend that i didn't notice you
every look will make me hard to breath

soon as you step on the scene you know that we'll be watching you (watching you)
imma be the richest in this spot but SM suck money

i know life is not easy
im gonna make history
im taking it from the start
call all  emergency
im watching my phone ring
im feeling this in my heart, my heart..

girls generation make me feel the heat
and im doing it i'll be dead meat
we born to broke
better tell all my friends cause you get it in
i know the girls

wanna know my secret but no i'll never tell
cause i don't want to make our friendship fail
and i can't deny i know you will cry

i wanna work right now
we can't show you how SM get down
Yes you go for more than zero
number one everyone must know, check this out
All SM, all SM want is money
really know how to suck and don't stop
oh gee we make it so rich
Girls Generation you don't stop

it's not a fantasy, this is die for me
living like a beggar
can't get the best of me, im be what i wanna be
the story of my life (my life)

Reason of the dead meat:
1. SNSD Japan Arena Tour DVD
    Price: RM350
2. Mr. Taxi Version Album
    Price: unknown yet (08Dec2011)
3. Japanese Repackage The Boys
    Price: unknown yet (20Dec2011)
4. SMTown Winter Album
    Price: unknown yet
5. 2012 Calendar
    Price: unknown yet
6. Holiday Photobook
    Price: RM100++ (not sure)
7. Tokyo Photobook
    Price: RM100++ (not sure)

~~~~~~~~~~Sones are dying :/~~~~~~~~~

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