Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Tiffany's True Story

Tiffany: The True Story of an Angel
This was one of the most requested reposts. Our main admin was able to find a working version of this from another person’s reblog.  Here is the true story of an angel that has walked unnoticed among us.


These are the sketches of an artist’s experiences, on real-life happenings while living in Seoul. This has been up for years but has only recently come into international prominence after being highlighted on national television by Mnet WIDE.

This is the true story of his encounter with the trainee “Stephanie Hwang”, before she became Tiffany of Girls’ Generation.

One cold winter, the artist stumbled across a drunk old man collapsed on the street. Concerned, he called for an ambulance and waited. 


Not concerned enough to forgo a smoke, he walked into the nearest convenience store for cigarettes while the old man continued to shiver on the sidewalk.


Some people passed by the man without a second glanec, some stopped and looked worried, but ultimately when the artist returned outside with his cigarettes and a can of warmed coffee, the old man was still cold and alone.

The artist stood waiting nearby, finishing his coffee and smoke, watching people pass by without helping the old man. Feeling cold and tired, he stood by the convenience store, wondering when the ambulance would arrive.

That was when a certain clumsy young girl with a beaming smile burst out of the store, rushing to the old man.


The artist watched as the girl gave the old man a warmed canned coffee for each of his hands, before taking off her own jacket to keep the freezing man warm.






And as though inspired by her compassion, passers-by stopped to help the girl keep the man warm, offering their kindness and whatever they could. Even the convenience store worker stepped out to help her.

The rest of the story, I think, will be better told by the artist:











SNSD Tiffany brings many of her fans inspiration as an idol.

But the true Tiffany that has been there since the 1st of August 1989, Stephanie Hwang, is just as inspirational. Her kind heart probably saved a man’s life that day, her selfless courage to help another person in need inspired others to be like her and find humanity in the concrete jungle of a city, while her infectious smile would leave a lasting impression on those that were present in that cold winter.

To know that there are people out there that faithfully follow the lessons of the parable of the Good Samaritan is another reason for us to regain faith in ourselves as a society. To know that there are those who truly practice what they preach should inspire us as both religious and non-religious human beings. To know that there are such small, yet so genuine gestures of altruism brings me great hope in our future.

In today’s world, those who help others so passionately might be considered a saint but those who inspire the innate humanity to come forth from others, whose warmth not only comforts the weak but ignites the compassion of others to do good… that takes an angel.

For me, to know that Tiffany had lived as one of the unnoticed angels that walk among us fills me with endless pride as a SONE.

Copy and paste from: Oniontaker

i really love to read this story! but because of the link is not a permanent link, so i can't read it again.. so i decided to post it here~ hehehehe
when i read this story, i feel warmth inside me.. :)
소시 짱이야! ㅋㅋㅋ

Saturday, December 15, 2012


Let's sing together!!

Happy Birthday to you~, 
selamat hari jadi~,
おたんじょび おめでと~。

Yeah, right! Today is my father's birthday! 

#생일축하해요아빠 ^^,

Wishing you warmth of sunshine! 
Happy Birthday, Papa! :)

Thursday, November 1, 2012


30 DAYS MINUTES SNSD CHALLENGE! Hahaha i don't think that i can do this daily.. So i'm doing it in 30 minutes! XD

Min 1: Jessica
Min 2: Gee
Min 3: Take a Bow (by Rihanna) - Kim Taeyeon
Min 4: Run to You (by DJ Doc) - Yoonyul
Min 5: Yulsic ftw!
Min 6: They are beautiful and playful at the same time! XD
Min 7:  Sunny? Hahaha She will be a good mother for my nieces and nephews! :D All of them will become gamers too! Cool! LOL
Min 8: Hyoyeon. Because she is really good at cooking and cleaning! Kekeke
Min 9:
    Taeyeon: You can do it! :]
    Jessica: Have a good 잠!
    Sunny: Beat everyone and be the master of the gamers!
    Tiffany: Hwaiting, Manager Hwang! :D
    Hyoyeon: Please show me your funny dance too!! :D
    Yuri: Good Night! Merong~!
    Sooyoung: You are pretty! :]
    Yoona: Go choding, go!
    Seohyun: Miane, i eat a lot of fast food.. :p
Min 10: The Lazy Jung, Jessica
Min 11: All My Love is For You~ :D
Min 12: Oh!
Min 13: Ace Bed
Min 14: Sunny
Min 15: Kim Taeyeon, even she sleep walk and DJ-ing in her sleep. Hahaha
Min 16: Sooyoung
Min 17: SuGen
Min 18: They are getting married! ㅠ.ㅠ So pretty!

Min 19: Can this be a macro? They are so cute! >.<

Min 20: There are too many Soshis' GIF! So i just pick the latest cute Sica one! :D


Min 21: Annyeong unnie! I know that you will never read this, but I'm still nervous to write this post. Hahaha sorry, I'm a weird sone.. :p Please continue to be healthy and sing a good song! Thank you for being one of the member in Soshi! ^_________^
Min 22: Hi my ultimate bias, GorJess! I hope you will always have a good sleep and be a sleeping beauty! Hahaha My friend told me that you have a cartoon-like voice! Kekeke Thanks for your hard work! ^_________^
Min 23: Hi cutie pie! Please stop being the fake maknae! Hahaha Lee Sunkyu hwaiting! ^_________^
Min 24: Hwang Miyoung! Please stop exposing your shoulder!!! You make me go $#%abywef%!$@#%sdasf. Thank you for your cooperation! ^_________^
Min 25: Dear Hyorengi, i love the way you dance! Please keep it up! Hahaha I hope you will be a good mother someday! ^_________^
Min 26: Hi Kkab Yul! Even though you are the black kid in Soshi, please don't be too sad because I'm still darker than you! LOL hahaha ^_________^
Min 27: Our pretty Sooyoungie~ The 3rd Hospital is really daebak! I hope you can record another dramas too! ^_________^
Min 28: Im choding the actress! Alligator yoong, please continue to keep your unnies happy with your choding things! Hahaha ^_________^
Min 29: Hello, our maknae Seobaby! i'm sorry that i didn't really listen to your advises. ㅋㅋㅋ But I'm trying my best to follow your way.. ^_________^
Min 30: I love them just the way they are.. ㅋㅋㅋ

Actually, it takes more than 30 minutes.. OTL whatever! i'm done! :D good night! :D

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Tiffany and Dream..

Assalamualaikum! :D Today is the 12th Ramadhan already! How are you? Good! Me too! XD Today is Tiffany's birthday too! So i'm here to wish her Happy Birthday! Happy 24th Birthday, Hwang Miyoung! 생일축하합니다, 티파니! ㅇㅠㅇ  You look gorgeous in 'First Look'! :D I love your red hair! It is suitable for you! XD
Red hair Fany with Tororo smile

Fany with half Sooyoung! XD

The Eye Smile Princess

Fany in First Look magazine! Today's pictures! :D
So cute! >.<

ManFany? XD

I'm now in the writer's block mode for manfany's story.. There is a lot of things to do now as the short semester session's final exam will start next week.. So i don't think i can continue the story for now.. 미안! >,<  Also....

My nieces and nephews -1.. ^^,
I'm dreaming of you guys.. and there is a fact that said if you dreaming of 'someone', it means that 'someone' is missing you in real world! So, did you guys missed me? XD Don't worry, your Aunty Teh will be back in 13 days! See you there! ㅋㅋㅋ

I'm signing out! Assalamualaikum.. 

Monday, April 16, 2012

Court: Bias!

 With my own conscience, I will not hide any things and tell the truth. If I lie, I will get punishment for being a false witness. I swear that Imma bias aunty.. Therefore, I want to sue the offenders that make me a bias aunty!

1. Hulaif a.k.a Cissa
2. Muhammad. 
(Full name can't be revealed due to some unexpected reasons)

Proof: pictures below. 

1. Full of aegyo
2. .... Just see the pictures, please!

The First offender's latest pictures (15th April 2012): 
Get ready....

There goes the attack: The cute awkward smile(?)

Posing like a boss!

P/s: The most glorious smile pictures can't be captured due to the active offender that didn't stop playing and running around in the house. 

Last year picture (27th August 2011):
Innocent? Not at all! Please don't fall for it!

The second offender's picture (15th April 2012):
Napping.. :P

Last year pictures (10th September 2011):
The first attack: The look that can penetrate the soul.

The second attack: The killer smile.

Selca? XD

Not so latest pictures (17th February 2012):
Watching tv like a sir and wearing a pair of pink stocking.. LOL XD

Do the most 'poyo' face after realized that his pictures was captured.

Now you know why imma bias aunty?

Ok, stop with this ridiculous talking! ASSignment still not done yet.. OTL
See you later, my lovely boys! :D 
Out! :]

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Soshi coming!!!!!!

OMG OMG OMG! x habes spazzing lg ni!! XD walopun tido mcm terkurang drpd biase, aku x leh nk smbung tido dh solat subuh td! XD booking flight ticket success! walopun tiket agak mahal, naseb sem lepas aku berjaya mengutip kutipan sebanyak rm 600 hasil drpd penjimatan tahap maximum! so bole cover la tiket flight ni! XD SOSHI, FINALLY YOU ARE HERE!!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

New Theme!

New theme for google chrome! i made it by myself! XD

here is the link to download it: Click Here 
enjoy spazzing, Sones!

out! :]

Sunday, February 12, 2012


negara komunis.. nak buka facebook pun kne block.. nasib rajin meng'google' ptg td.. dh dpt dh care nk buka! XD br x buka 1 hari.. dh rase mcm Woot Woot~ :P facebook kene banned dkat negara dorg.. so mesti org vietnam x de facebook.. or kalo ade pun, x ramai.. huhu

btw, dkat vietnam x ramai org islam.. buddha bnyk giler! so makanan dkat sini susah sket.. huh! tp ramai je org sane x de religion.. sebab ikut asal keturunan nenek moyang dia.. tourist guide yg day 1 tu ckp, family dia dh 13 generation x de religion.. aku x th la tujuan dorg hidup untuk ape.. time dorg lewat 1 jam drpd Malaysia.. ok, that's all! :) cam on (thank you in vietnam.. XD)!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

10 Feb 2012

Aku inginkan dirimu
Datang dan temui aku
Kanku katakan padamu

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Finally, i found the letter that Alex (Admin SSFMY) sent! XD Thanks Alex! I love the balloon! I don't know when i will blow that balloon! haha LOL maybe the day i'll go to their concert? and the bookmarks, pictures n cards! ok, i'll use the bookmarks for next semester! :D haha thanks again, Alex! 


mak aku beli wi-fi smlm.. so skrg ni online pakai wi-fi rumah la ni~ XD sebab die x nak aku kacau simkad ipad 2 die.. >:D thanks ummi! bye!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Warning: cerita dibawah adalah benar 100% dan sangat DEMN stress.. anda dinasihatkan x membaca post ini.. ak tulis pun sebab nk hilangkan rase DEMN dlm diri aku je.. So, dismiss please.. x de pengajaran yg perlu diambil drpd post DEMN ni..

Ok, cite die stat drpd bermulanye aku blk ke semenanjung pd 13hb tu.. pergi ke ipoh for 2 weeks.. 13, 14 n 15hb tu ok lg.. bole online lg walopun internet asyik putus je.. aku ingat sebab laptop aku dh nazak.. but then, on 16th, no more internet! check tepon rumah, x dgr pape.. aku nyaris2 suruh ayah aku beli cable internet, sebab ingatkn yang tu yg problem.. rupe2nye cable tepon kene curik.. DEMN the thieves!! n thats the start of the DEMN hell boring holidays! dh la 16hb tu bday Mun.. mesti die ingat aku lupe bday die.. nk send msg, tgk2 aku x de no. hp die.. n it feels so DEMN stress! n untuk hilagkan boring, aku ajak Shark tgk movie cite Journey 2: The Mysterious Island.. but the DEMN continued.. mak die lak x bg pergi.. n im just so dead bored! selongkar hard disk, sume cite aku dh tgk.. tp sebab bosan punye pasal, bukak je cite2 yg aku rase best, n tgk certain2 part yg best je.. and the DEMN boring day continued....

Disebabkan adik2 aku still skolah, dorg x rase sgt la.. but on 20th, dorg pun dh jadi giler same mcm aku.. aku smpai termimpi2 internet jd dh, but then still x leh bukak fb nk main Sims Social! n hari ape ntah, aku mimpi sakit perut.. bgn2 tu, terus cari tandas! dr pagi smpai ptg asyik duk ulang-alik tandas-bilik je.. DEMN betol! n maybe ayah aku prasan kot yg ktorg DEMN bored, ayah aku ajak g jln2 on 22nd n 24th.. n ktorg yg tahap stress dh hampir thap max, bg la cadangan nk g Lost World, Tambun.. tp bile harinye smpai, ayah aku ckp x bole pergi sebab adik aku yg patah tgn (irfan), tgn die tu x leh kene air.. so mcm x adil la kalo ktorg pergi, die x kn.. so, the DEMN thing happen again! Gardening! bosan giler duk dkat rumah! smpai satu tahap tu, ktorg main kejar2 keliling rumah, main sorok2, main pepsi-cola, n bnyk lg la game yg ntah pape.. n on 24th, irfan bg cadangan nk pergi zoo taiping.. sebab x th dh nk g mane.. time dlm kete, aku n nabil duk blkg, sumbat earphone, pasang lagu DEMN-avril.. lgu tu mmg sesuai la dgn jiwe ktorg yg tgh stress tu! smpai aku dh hafal dh lgu tu.. mmg DEMN la kn!

Dkat zoo taiping tu, ktorg pusing satu zoo.. jalan kaki...... mmg rase mcm nk tercabut kaki tu.. dh la kne tggu jalan same2 dgn camera man a.k.a ayah aku.. x leh jalan laju2.. then aku n nabil pun, sbab penat punye pasal, blame irfan.. "balik ni, awak kne massage kaki saye", "sebab awak la ktorg kne jalan keliling dunia!", "dr benua afrika, ke benua india, ke tanah arab, ke benua australia, ke malaysia blk, n so on...".. mmg irfan senyap je la kne buli dgn si stresses! >:D then nk blk tu jln plak jem, main kad dlm kete.. game yg ntah pape ntah.. n then, ktorg pergi mkn dkat kedai mamak.. sblm masok kedai tu, aku nmpak la ade 'signboard' yg mengatakan yg dkat kedai tu ade wi-fi! time tu rase mcm nk lompat smbil menjerit: woohoo!!! LOL punye la semangat aku n nabil nk wi-fi, masing2 buat klua hp.. tp tgk2.. DEMN! cannot connected jugak! mmg rase the DEMN tu jd double dh! harapan yg tgh megah berdiri diatas gunung telah terjun dkat niagara waterfall..

On 26th, my birthday, its feels really likes a worst birthday ever! n ayah aku x ingat langsung bday aku! naseb mak aku ingat.. but i think, mak aku pun x ingat jugak sebenarnye.. naseb aku setkan je dkat hp die.. but yeah, i still feel thankful for that.. last year, time duduk dkat besut, mak aku x ingat, tp ayah aku plak yg ingat.. siap ter'wish' bday awal lg.. ni duduk ipoh, ayah aku plak x ingat n mak aku yang ingat.. agaknye kne my birthday jatoh time aku duduk jaoh br dorg ingat bday aku.. its really a LOL.. no comment at all.. x pe la, next year aku rase celebrate bday dkat srwak je.. huhu just wait n see.. :) n nk dijadikan cerita, irfan bgth dkat ayah aku yg aku nk g tgk wayang.. n on 28th, ktorg g tgk jugak dkat jusco.. :) n the DEMN thing happen again, nk connect free wi-fi baskin robbin, x bole jugak..

n smpai ke hari aku nk blk ke besut pun, the internet still a DEMN! naseb dkat besut ade berukband.. tp lain yg diharap, lain pulak yg jd.. tgk2 mak aku beli ipad 2.. so, online pakai bende tu la.. mule2 tu mcm "wow.. ipad 2..." time bace AFF, bukak fb n soshified ok lg, but then the DEMN thing happen again! x bole print screen, email x bole nk attach file.. stress punye pasal, cari modem, korek klua simkad drpd ipad tu, bukak laptop, n online! n it feels like all the DEMN things that happen today is gone! u know what, ipad 2 kalah dkat laptop buruk!!!!! DEMN you Apple!! tp lepas ni komfem mak aku bengang punye.. ipad 2 die dh x bole digunekan untuk online! >:D sorry, but alllll the DEMN things happened make me do this! :p

p/s: result sem 3 aku terok giler.. Statistic F terus! tp ade org ckp, yg result ni x comfem lg.. ntah la.. aku harap Statistic walopun aku fail, plg comang pun dpt D ke, C- pun ok jugak.. ni merosakkan result je! haish! bye!
p/s 2: i think no more dangerous boys, violent romance, running man n invincible youth 2 for this holidays! kene download dkat unimas jugak.. :/