Thursday, November 1, 2012


30 DAYS MINUTES SNSD CHALLENGE! Hahaha i don't think that i can do this daily.. So i'm doing it in 30 minutes! XD

Min 1: Jessica
Min 2: Gee
Min 3: Take a Bow (by Rihanna) - Kim Taeyeon
Min 4: Run to You (by DJ Doc) - Yoonyul
Min 5: Yulsic ftw!
Min 6: They are beautiful and playful at the same time! XD
Min 7:  Sunny? Hahaha She will be a good mother for my nieces and nephews! :D All of them will become gamers too! Cool! LOL
Min 8: Hyoyeon. Because she is really good at cooking and cleaning! Kekeke
Min 9:
    Taeyeon: You can do it! :]
    Jessica: Have a good 잠!
    Sunny: Beat everyone and be the master of the gamers!
    Tiffany: Hwaiting, Manager Hwang! :D
    Hyoyeon: Please show me your funny dance too!! :D
    Yuri: Good Night! Merong~!
    Sooyoung: You are pretty! :]
    Yoona: Go choding, go!
    Seohyun: Miane, i eat a lot of fast food.. :p
Min 10: The Lazy Jung, Jessica
Min 11: All My Love is For You~ :D
Min 12: Oh!
Min 13: Ace Bed
Min 14: Sunny
Min 15: Kim Taeyeon, even she sleep walk and DJ-ing in her sleep. Hahaha
Min 16: Sooyoung
Min 17: SuGen
Min 18: They are getting married! ㅠ.ㅠ So pretty!

Min 19: Can this be a macro? They are so cute! >.<

Min 20: There are too many Soshis' GIF! So i just pick the latest cute Sica one! :D


Min 21: Annyeong unnie! I know that you will never read this, but I'm still nervous to write this post. Hahaha sorry, I'm a weird sone.. :p Please continue to be healthy and sing a good song! Thank you for being one of the member in Soshi! ^_________^
Min 22: Hi my ultimate bias, GorJess! I hope you will always have a good sleep and be a sleeping beauty! Hahaha My friend told me that you have a cartoon-like voice! Kekeke Thanks for your hard work! ^_________^
Min 23: Hi cutie pie! Please stop being the fake maknae! Hahaha Lee Sunkyu hwaiting! ^_________^
Min 24: Hwang Miyoung! Please stop exposing your shoulder!!! You make me go $#%abywef%!$@#%sdasf. Thank you for your cooperation! ^_________^
Min 25: Dear Hyorengi, i love the way you dance! Please keep it up! Hahaha I hope you will be a good mother someday! ^_________^
Min 26: Hi Kkab Yul! Even though you are the black kid in Soshi, please don't be too sad because I'm still darker than you! LOL hahaha ^_________^
Min 27: Our pretty Sooyoungie~ The 3rd Hospital is really daebak! I hope you can record another dramas too! ^_________^
Min 28: Im choding the actress! Alligator yoong, please continue to keep your unnies happy with your choding things! Hahaha ^_________^
Min 29: Hello, our maknae Seobaby! i'm sorry that i didn't really listen to your advises. ㅋㅋㅋ But I'm trying my best to follow your way.. ^_________^
Min 30: I love them just the way they are.. ㅋㅋㅋ

Actually, it takes more than 30 minutes.. OTL whatever! i'm done! :D good night! :D