Monday, April 16, 2012

Court: Bias!

 With my own conscience, I will not hide any things and tell the truth. If I lie, I will get punishment for being a false witness. I swear that Imma bias aunty.. Therefore, I want to sue the offenders that make me a bias aunty!

1. Hulaif a.k.a Cissa
2. Muhammad. 
(Full name can't be revealed due to some unexpected reasons)

Proof: pictures below. 

1. Full of aegyo
2. .... Just see the pictures, please!

The First offender's latest pictures (15th April 2012): 
Get ready....

There goes the attack: The cute awkward smile(?)

Posing like a boss!

P/s: The most glorious smile pictures can't be captured due to the active offender that didn't stop playing and running around in the house. 

Last year picture (27th August 2011):
Innocent? Not at all! Please don't fall for it!

The second offender's picture (15th April 2012):
Napping.. :P

Last year pictures (10th September 2011):
The first attack: The look that can penetrate the soul.

The second attack: The killer smile.

Selca? XD

Not so latest pictures (17th February 2012):
Watching tv like a sir and wearing a pair of pink stocking.. LOL XD

Do the most 'poyo' face after realized that his pictures was captured.

Now you know why imma bias aunty?

Ok, stop with this ridiculous talking! ASSignment still not done yet.. OTL
See you later, my lovely boys! :D 
Out! :]